Who We Are and what we do_

Aravani Art Project is a Trans-women and cis-women led art collective.

While the visibility of Transgender people, Gender non- confirming people and folx from the queer community is increasing in popular culture and daily life, they still face everyday discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. With a mission of attempting to reduce this in society, we ARAVANI ART PROJECT bring about change in the way the society views the LGBTQIA+ community.

We advocate the idea of reclaiming spaces in this world by creating different art projects to raise awareness and to create a voice for the community. We are finding magical ways to engage with the people from the Transgender community and other LGBQIA+ people to come out in the public spaces and feel confident, safe and belonged.

We create safe spaces for alternate voices through art. We examine their spaces of innovation, the places of their history and create room to learn by transforming this knowledge into a form of public art. The streets are a particularly important place to do our work, as it is in these public spaces that the bodies of Transgender identifying people attract violence, harassment, social negligence and pressure.

Our creative collective seeks to respond to these experiences by creating spaces that instead encourage exchange, discussion, openness and debate surrounding gender identities.

The visibility of the transgender figure has begun to disrupt long-held beliefs about gender and the ways we organize our lives around categories of gender. By making art together we are seeking to gently reshape the politics of inclusion and exclusion that surround gender identities.

The struggle for accepting and understanding the identities of Transgender individuals exists in each society, race, and class.This includes, a friendly bonding for women and trans-women to indulge into public art making.

The Transgender community all over the world are in need of support, exposure and most importantly art.

We also want to recognize the strengths in the arts and find an alternative source of income for the transgender community through freelance art and design projects. In doing so, we develop organizational skills and advocate social change by raising community awareness in public places.

We have a passion for art as a social practice. Through our creative collaborations we want to raise awareness of the social possibilities of art making and the conversations that it enables.


The work - love relationship we share with our friends from the Transgender, gender non-confirming and a few more from the LGBIQA+ communities, enables us to understand and work at a grass root level. By this we learn to respect and accept each-other’s lives, interests and build a stronger relationship based on friendship and trust.

The projects mainly involve the people from the community collaborating with other communities, companies, government institutions and fellow societies from geographically different spaces. We together create a space for social participation and a safe space for conversations. We find different ways and methods of practising intersectional feminism and de-mystifying stigma in a very natural way.

With the work we do we aim to instill a sense of responsibility towards the various issues and themes we have worked on. We would love to learn together the challenges and celebrations by bridging the gap between the differences in the society. Through our projects we intend to capture stories of freedom, dreams of acceptance and hoping for possibilities. We hope to archive the cultural nuances like traditional practices, language, songs, myths and stories of the community, since it remains very vibrant and un-explored.

It takes a different set of practices, thinking, training and time to allow the people from the community to understand amongst themselves that there are so many beautiful untold stories, experiences, practices, culture, way of life, traditions, songs and the list never stops. Of course, we take help from experts and people who know/have the skills required to do so in the most effective manner.