Story of a broken heart

Illustrator :

Shanthi Munisamy

Writer :

Shanthi Munisamy

20th January, 2019

My love for writing started at a very early age, when I found a way to express my feelings and freedom through writing.

Whether it was meant to send my love bites of written and folded to my crushes or something that I felt like writing that day. Although I did not have a habit of writing a diary and following it on a daily basis, I would scribble my writings on small pieces of paper found in and around or just on the pages of the rough notes I had.

This Blog or the Story that I am going to write was initially written when I was just 16 and the lines are still so fresh in my mind that I clearly knew what I had written then. And it's exactly like what it was back then.

“Once upon a time on a dark cloudy night walking on a lonely highway a strange man carrying a bundle on his back walks quietly, he crosses to the other side of the road that leads to a dense forest alongside the highway where he was slowly and steadily keeping a pace and in between looking for dangers like dogs and policemen chasing him.

He silently crosses to the other side of the road and walks into a trail that leads to an old deserted bungalow inside the forest. He drops the bag he was carrying and goes inside for a little nap as he was tired. It seemed like his lucky day as he reached his house safely without being chased by dogs and police After a while, he wakes up and brings the bundle and pulls out 1 camera, 2 gold earrings, 3 silver coins one by one……

Oh! The 4th one! It is so special and precious!

The fourth one,he pulls out a gold neck chain with a Heart Shaped pendant attached with it. He opens the pendent and is surprised to see a photograph of a beautiful woman in it. Without thinking about it he goes back to sleep.

Hes dreams of this beautiful woman who he saw in the heart shaped pendant that he had stolen from a house that night in a city nearby.. Amidst the dream he wakes us shocked and rubs his eyes and goes back to the bundle to look at the beautiful woman who he has just dreamt of. Never has he dreamt of a pretty woman.He then decides to meet the woman whose house he had robbed that night. The next day reaches the house and hides behind the bush and watches the same lady who he saw in the pendant and his dream watering the flower garden in her balcony.

He mesmerizingly looks at her charming beauty.. He then returns to his ruined bungalow. The next day he decides to kidnap the woman he saw.

He plans and leaves home. He ties a rope to her balcony and jumps into the compound at midnight.He opens the window and jumps inside the room where he sees the beautiful lady in her deep sleep unaware that someone had come to kidnap her.

He closes her mouth with a handkerchief and ties her legs and hands and carries her just like a bundle to his old ruined bungalow, he chains her to a pillar are moves the handkerchief from her face. She starts screaming“Please don’t kill me or harm me!.I will give you whatever you want please don’t kill me”. “No I am not going to kill you and I don't want anything from you” he replies.

"Then why have you kidnapped me?"

He shows the pendent to her and she exclaims "Oh, you must be the robber who stole from my house yesterday."

"Yes, it was me" Confused she asks, "Then why did you kidnap me?"

"I liked the picture of yours in the locked pendent, so I wanted to meet you”“What do you want now?"

"I love you"

"What? You are a thief.I can’t love you!!!"

"May I at least know your name?"

"My name is Maria."

"And mine is Jack."

"Please take whatever you want and let me go home please"


Hedrops her back from where he had kidnapped her.

Maria felt relieved after the incident and she felt very lucky thinking how kind Jack was to her. A few days go by

Unfortunately Jack gets caught by the police one day and is sent behind bars. Jack sadly sits inside the cell and feels lonely and sad that no one would ever come to bail him out or get help as he had no family or friends.The news of Jack’s arrest makes headlines in the news.

Maria reads about it and is shocked, and she goes back to her routine and is not worried of what happened to Jack.

That night Maria recalls of what had happened to her way back when she was kidnapped by Jack and how kind he was to her.

Next day, Maria hurries to help Jack.

Jack sadly without any help, from afar he sees someone walk towards him. He thinks it must be the same policeman who would frequently come and give him food or wake him up everyday.

The person comes closer he realizes it's beautiful woman who he had kidnapped some years back.

Maria sits next to Jack and holds his hands. Tears roll down and Maria says,"

"Promise me that you will never steal or be bad again” “Please help me, I will never do this again."

Maria with the help of a lawyer get bails for Jack.

Mending his old ways, he wins Maria and love blossoms.happily together.

Before which Maria adds Jack’s photo next to her in the Pendent and the story of the Broken hearts continues happily hereafter.

The moral of the story is the even the most hard and bad ones in our life can also be kind and good in person although they are in a very bad situation.